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new Suzuki swift 2017 radio wont turn off [ frozen ] ?

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new Suzuki swift 2017 radio wont turn off [ frozen ] ?

Postby kenandrew » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:08 pm

hi everyone
my dad has a new Suzuki swift 2017
the radio will not turn off and is frozen?
the on and off button wont do nothing and even by taking the keys out of the ignition it will not turn off
he took it back to the dealer but they didn't know ? and said Suzuki are having faults with this
but they found it does go off after half an hour when the car is not in use but surely there will be problems with the battery if this happens on a regular basis
has anyone else have this problem ?
is there like pressing 2 buttons at the same time or keeping finger on a button for so long ???? able to solve this problem
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Re: new Suzuki swift 2017 radio wont turn off [ frozen ] ?

Postby PeterWestSussex » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:15 am

I had the very same problem with a brand new Skoda Octavia. I had to call out the RAC the same evening as I had taken delivery. It was the L&K (top of the range) model - with all sorts of car functions that could be controlled - alternative modes and ON/OFF options for different items like lights, mirrors;variable timings, etc).
The RAC chap pulled the radio fuse to prevent overnight battery drain. I'm pretty certain he then simply reinstated the fuse and the radio (with tape/CD - yes, it had BOTH!) never gave any further problems ....
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