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2002 2l hdi grand vitara diesel knock and pouring out grey s

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2002 2l hdi grand vitara diesel knock and pouring out grey s

Postby mudda » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:42 pm

HI I have a 2002 2l hdi grand vitara with the RHZ (single cam )
engine About 3 weeks ago I was driving across a cross roads and it started pouring out grey smoke from the exhaust and the engine started to rattle loudly ( diesel knock I think ) and there is a smell of unburnt diesel So I towed it home When I pull the electrical conector off number 3 injector it seems to have no effect on the way the engine is running Number 1 injector has a slight effect and only stops the engine after a period off time Number 2 cuts engine almost immediate
Number 4 almost immediately So I swoped an injector from a Peugeot 406 with number 1 and it's still same symptoms
So then I tried to get number 3 out and as you would expect it's seized I know it's a common issue for them to be seized so before I go and get someone to pull it is there any one who would have any other answers as to what could be wrong other than the injector gone faulty
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