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Fuel Magnets – Fact or Fake?

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Fuel Magnets – Fact or Fake?

Postby oldvanman » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:41 am

I have not posted this story anywhere else yet.
I have seen articles on the net about blokes putting magnets on their cars fuel lines and getting improved performance and economy. There are also plenty of articles debunking Fuel Magnets referring to placebo effects.
Well after talking to a bloke who is adamant that they do work as log as they are installed correctly, I decided to give it a go.
I collected the following...
4 doughnut magnets out of microwave ovens. Look for late model high power ovens.
4 steel plates to sit at the back of each magnet and drilled to take zip ties.
4 spacers made of wood and slightly thinner than the diameter of the fuel line.

I assembled 2 sets of magnets with the South pole facing in and mounted them on the fuel line just in front of the air-filter at 90 degrees to each other as per the photos.

The result?
I have a "test track" which I use to compare vehicle performance. On the way home there is a railway crossing with a Stop sign. Then there is a 380m run to the top of the 9m high ridge where a 132kv power pole sits beside the road. For the last 37 years I have tested every vehicle that I have had, checking the speed on a GPS as I pass the power pole. Results varied between 75km/h and 132km/h.
When I was younger I owned some very fast vehicles but economy is now my main focus. Despite this I still like a responsive vehicle.
I own 8 Suzuki Carry vans that I have driven and the best time that I have been able to get was 95km/h when still relatively new and low mileage. Currently I have a 2004 Van with 240,000kms and is standard apart from a sports exhaust. Recently 90km/h was the best speed I could get until fitting the magnets. My first run after fitting the magnets was 97km/h. I have never been able to do that.
The van definitely is better to drive with more torque especially at 2000rpm and lower. The exhaust has a different, milder sound especially when the motor is under load.
I have been enjoying the extra go, so I can not report on fuel economy yet but I will be monitoring. When the van was newer, I could easily get 400km before looking for a servo. Recently that has been only 370kms, so I will note any improvement.
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