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need help! bike will not start

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need help! bike will not start

Postby markyc » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:50 pm

hi all, i am in need of some serious help! i brought an 2005 ltz bike 6, weeks ago, and have been green laneing 4 times for approx 3-4 hours a time. the bike has been running fine, keeping up with the 660 raptors, and hasnt really missed a beat. the quad was standing for about 2 years before i brought it, so i gave it a service, oil and filters. on the last outing the bike started fist time in the morning without the choke and was running fine for the first half of the outing. we pulled over to wait for some other lads and i turned the engine off. about an hour later after the other lads had arrived, i went to start the bike but it wouldnt turn over. after about 15 mins, it finally started and off we went. the bike was running fine not spluttering, missing or anything, then an hour or so later one of the lads stacked his bike so we stopped to help sort him out. the bike wouldnt start again, day over! a mate of mine has stripped the carb because he thought it was a fuel blockage but thats fine. their is a good spark, and its breathing, and compressions their! no one seems to know whats the problem. there are a few suggestions that theirs a sensor jammed and it must be something electrical, just need to get it sorted and get out! anyone know if this is a common fault or any recommendations please? thanks markyc
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