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Suzuki Cappuccino Power Loss under load

The 1991-1997 Suzuki Cappuccino. Suzuki's diminutive, turbo-charged, hard top convertible.

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Suzuki Cappuccino Power Loss under load

Postby wowhot » Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:13 pm

Hello everybody

I'm new to this site as well as the Suzuki name,
I have a Suzuki Cappuccino 95 model uk spec, new mot passed its emissions perfectly.

I have 2 questions

• 1st Does anybody know how to replace the distributor cap of a Suzuki Cappuccino?
• 2nd Loss of power under load

Running perfectly every day for 1 year, suddenly one morning it decided to run ruff under load of acceleration it loses power at random moments.

When revving the Cappuccino in a stationary position, it reeves as expected - normal without any noises or splutters
also when stationary and I try to hold the revs at 3000rpm it fluctuates causing it difficult to hold it there.

over the following month a constant ticking that has slowly grown louder over time has developed from the engine that is in synchronization with the reeve range of the engine. revving higher the ticking increases with speed and decreases when the revs drop.

now in the last 2 weeks it has become worse, the exhaust smoke shows quit clearly that there is a cylinder not firing perfectly and on the decreases of reeves there is a lumpiness in the drop of reeves.

My progress so far has been:
cleaned every earth terminal thought the car
fitted: New Plugs
New HT Leads
New Fuel filter

Don't let my suggestion sway a professionals train of thought but I had a thought that it could be the distributor cap.

But with no room between the bulk head and mass of rubber tubes there is no room to fit a hand let alone a tool to unscrew the bottom of the cap. Does anybody know how to replace the distributor cap?

I'm really running out of ideas please any advise.....

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Postby IanL » Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:19 am

Only a possibility, but check the hoses to/from the intercooler. A tear in one of them could account for power loss and fluctuating rpm.

I've not had to do it, but I've always thought one would need a right-angle shaft screwdriver made up to remove the distributor cap.
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