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vauxhall box conversion

Discuss the 1985-1999 MK1-MK3 Suzuki Swift and Swift GTi

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Re: vauxhall box conversion

Postby kforkevin » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:10 pm

Hello brian, the conversion is long finished now and well tested , but there remains a couple of snags. the close ratio gears really are the bizz ! you can work the engine to its full potential but i still think a lower diff - lower than 4.5 is worth going for -as on short sprint events im blocking off fifth gear completly ,thats running 13" rims. however here in ireland no one will make me a pair of shafts so i keep havig to have my welded ones rewelded ,they dont break at the weld but right next door.the seccond snag is the lenght of the left hand shaft-meaning that the lefthand inner joint is further out than the original suzuki one so that limits the amount of downward travel of the suspension . not great on jumps more air time , possible ok for track use. i have considered moving the engine more to the right to gain more travel ,or going wide track like some of the modern rally cars but thats mad. if you want my honest oppinion -buy that gear set your dreamining off !!
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Re: vauxhall box conversion

Postby expatkiwi » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:58 pm

I think I'm going to get the gear set. I've been reading every forum post going, asked loads of questions, done the math (money and time wise) and finally measured the car. When the funds permit and things are tighter than a ducks arse underwater right now, there will be a dog box going in.
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Re: vauxhall box conversion

Postby miniswift » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:05 am

Hi B,

If you are going to use Gti gearbox, you can use middle shaft but you may need to use mk2 one.
I have a feeling that mk2has slight different angle so mk1 middle shaft might not fit.

When I have a time, I will go into my shed and confirm it for you.

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