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Help please.Engine Light On. Oxygen sensors?

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Help please.Engine Light On. Oxygen sensors?

Postby suzr+ » Sun May 15, 2011 7:55 pm

Hello.I bought a suzuki wagon r+ gl xreg 2000 1.3 from ebay (too impulsively).It was listed as having had a diagnostic test which showed oxygen sensor problem which was said to cost £170 to fix and sold with that problem and the engine light on.The previous owner said after a long motorway run on slowing down it would lose power and hunt until the accelerator was pressed then it would clear & that it would also do this with alot of stop starts.I feel I shouldn't have bought it.
Anyway I took it to a family friend who cleaned the oxygen sensors and then gave it a diagnostic test which showed no fault and the engine light was off.
But having given it a long motorway drive home and then stopped at a junction, it stalled itself as I tried to pull away & the engine light came back on.
Has anyone experienced this problem?How comes after the sensors were cleaned the diagnostics showed no fault?Do you think it could be something other than the sensors?Is it possible to get cheap sensors- would they all need to be replaced and how many are there- can the £17.99 universal ones on ebay be used-are all the oxygen sensors on the car the same?
The previous owner did have a new exhaust fitted a year ago and the sensors were not changed.There was also a comment about the catalytic converter being completely burnt out if that helps any thoughts.
It seems even expensive just to have another diagnostic test to see what the problem is and if it shows nothing?
I shouldn't have bought it.My worry is that as it has been driven around for a year or so with the light on that it could have damaged the engine!?It does run Ok generally but clunky & noisy (compared to my old fiesta) but perhaps they are always like this?
Sorry for it being a long post but I didnt want to miss out anything....although I probably still have! Any help much appreciated.Thankyou.[/b]
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Postby Carry - 2001 » Mon May 16, 2011 7:00 am

We've got very similar issues with one of our vans (suspect same engine). I'm just having a dig around for ideas at the moment.

On the van if you disconnect the battery the light clears for a little while too.....

Diagnostic also suggests O2 sensors on ours.....

Currently researching crank and camshaft sensors as I gather they are prone to going. Hope that helps....
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Postby IanL » Mon May 16, 2011 8:36 am

Oxygen sensors do not last forever. You both have declared oxygen sensor faults. First change the sensors - that may be the full sum of your problems.

The RB413 engine in the WagonR+ normally has two sensors, both the same Part No. (18213-83E00). One in the exhaust manifold, and one in the front exhaust pipe. If only one is faulty, it is likely to be the first.

However, one variant has only one sensor, in the manifold, and vehicles with VIN ending 280001 and above have two different sensors, which are different to the one numbered above. (18213-86G00 and 18213-86G10). From the test data, it appears that the front sensor is electrically different to the rear, which is similar to the sensor used in the first case.
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Postby nozmonkeys » Mon May 16, 2011 9:16 am

Air leak. Check your EGR valve. You may need a smoke machine to detect it.
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