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Celerio no longer available

Introduced in the UK January 2015.

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Celerio no longer available

Postby alanbirt » Thu Aug 27, 2020 6:34 pm

It seems the Celerio is no longer available via Suzuki dealers. Does anyone know why this is so ? Is it no longer being manufactured, or not being imported, or what ? May I say I am still very pleased with mine, now four years old and 52,000 miles.
Sqn Ldr Alan Birt [War-Disabled ex-Serviceman]
Owner of two Suzukis: a Celerio [16 reg - so NIL
road-tax] and a Carry campervan [55 reg];
formerly the owner of a Wagon R+ [52 reg]
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Re: Celerio no longer available

Postby alamontana » Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:26 am

Hello Alan
I think it was all to do with the global footprint and emission economics
the Celerio and the Baleno were both imported from Maruti india and were both stopped at the same time.
the latest 2 Vehicles are the Across and the Swace which are Toyotas with Suzuki badges on but because they are hybrid they reduce suzukis emission quota substantially.
overpriced and with less warranty coverage than the Toyotas . seems a bit stupid to me but obviously celerio owners may fancy a £45000 pound rav4
with a S badge on .
the low amount of Jimny,s available is purely because of its high emission level pushing up suzukis average emission numbers.
I heard they were going to change the jimny into a van with only 2 seats to put it inn a separate commercial emissions zone. who knows the politics behind cars .
seems they want us all electric or cycling or locked up in our homes to never come out again
like my toolbox . my stomach keeps getting larger year after year............................
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